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Wax Children got their start not too long ago and are now setting their sights higher than before when it comes to their unique approach to music. Having written and recorded all new material for their EP called “Safe Hands” and with another EP in the near future, luck is surely within their gasp and there is no turning back…. The entire act took the time to discuss all of this and more!

You once called yourselves Django’s Tiger but are now called Wax Children why the name change? Do you think this new name suits the band better?

WC: We did in fact go by the name “Django’s Tiger” for the first couple of months that we were together however we ran into some difficulties with that name so we felt that it’d be best to change it at this time so we don’t run into anymore issues in the future due to the fact that there is another Django’s Tiger which is a Django Reinhardt cover band. We also felt that the name “Wax Children” fit our sound more and was authentic to our standards.

Can you tell me what type of band you are?

WC: Our sound is a mixture of Experimental, Psychedelic, Surf with a touch of Indie and a heavy 60’s influence. We all as individuals bring a different background to the table which blends as it does to create the sound that you hear.

Tell us a brief history of the band.

WC: The band was originally created by Mr. Wall and Cal Jones in April of 2012 under the name Kid Klimactic & The Night Owls with Phil Magick on bass and multiple drummers to fill in which lead to their friend Alex taking up the roll and recording on the Dream sick EP. Alex eventually quit the band to pursue his education and Phil was involved in an accident at his workplace which left him with a severally damaged arm. The mixture of these two events led the band on hiatus and during this time was when they decided to change the name to Django’s Tiger.

On June 23rd 2012, Cal was displaying his artwork at the Moon Block Festival in Pomona, CA where he was approached by fellow artists Julian Keith and Ozzie Juarez who were also displaying artwork. They engaged in conversation which led to Cal giving Julian and Ozzie the Dream Sick EP to listen to along with his phone number. The next morning Julian contacted Cal and the two began discussing topics that revolved around the band which led to the agreement of Cal and Mr. wall visiting Julian’s painting studio in Downtown Los Angeles where Julian was asked to join Django’s Tiger. After one jam session Django’s Tiger played their first show at The Airliner where they met Photographer / Videographer Carlos Garcia and after three shows as a three piece, Julian sent out a post on his Facebook page stating that Django’s Tiger was looking for a bass player and Boo Radley (who they had met previously) responded. They met up and jammed at Cal’s house where Boo was also asked to join.

They played their first show as a four piece at The ADC warehouse in Downtown Los Angeles. Since then they have changed their name to Wax Children, added Torvald Helmer on Keyboards and got rid of Boo Radley so Wax Children is currently looking for a permeate replacement and is temporally using Jeremy Katz from the band Froth on bass.

Who would say are some of your musical influences?

WC: Joy Division, Tame Impala, Maddy Rabbinz, Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Velvet Underground, Django Reinhardt, Elton John, Rudimentary Peni, The Cure, Bauhaus, The Clash, The Wiggles, Led Zeppelin, Devo, The Talking Heads, Local Natives, Jimi Hendrix, Daniel Rossen, Bob Dylan, The Animals, The Kinks, Son House, Miles Davis, Charlie Parker, Bob Marley, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Strokes, Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeroes, Jenny Lewis, Minus the Bear, Broadcast, Boards of Canada, Grizzly Bear, Radiohead, The Dave Brubeck Quartet, Grouper, Grimes, The Doors, The Whitest Boy Alive, The Shins, The Mars Volta, Pink Floyd, Broken Bells, Little Dragon, MGMT, Crosby Still Nash & Young, Sigur Ros, Ryan Adams, Arcade Fire, STRFCKR, Bombay Bicycle Club, Real Estate, Vampire Weekend, Bon Iver, Toro y moi, Warpaint, The Growlers, The Strange Boys, Broken Social Scene, Feist, and the list goes on and on and on and on and on……

Do you have any dreams and goals that you have set or made as a band?

WC: We do have goals and dreams for this band just as we do as individuals which we like to keep between ourselves but our first goal as of right now is to find a committed bass player that we can welcome as a new member of our family. The rest is left for everyone else to find out in time.

Who writes the songs, what are they about?

WC: Mr. Wall does a majority of the song writing as far as the melodies along with a mixture of Mr. Wall and Cal Jones collaborating on the lyrics. Everyone gives equal input on creating their own parts on their instruments but most of the songs are rooted from Mr. Wall. All of the songs are loosely based around the title of the album that they are placed under.

What’s new in the recording of your music?

WC: We’ve completed our latest EP which is entitled “Safe Hands.” Which we will be self releasing in mid/late December and we will be getting started on recording another EP in the near future.

What advice would you give to fellow bands?

WC: It’s hard to give any advice to other bands at this point but the advice that we can offer to other bands is to make sure the foundation is strong and the rest will fall into place.

How does music affect you and the world around you?

WC: Music has made a huge impact on all of us individually. It’s shaped us to be the people that we are today in a sense…

Would you like to add anything else?

WC: Thank you.


By Natalie Perez

Author: Nader Ahmadnia

Nader Ahmadnia is a writer for Progressive Man Magazine, an online music publication that features new and emerging talent.

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