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In today’s musical landscape, it can be hard to find a band with the attitude that Purple Sugar has. Think of them as the rebel rocker counterparts to the modern indie music wave. We talked to the band to learn more about how their sound developed, their featured track, and a hilarious story involving a wireless guitar and having to pee. We promise you won’t be disappointed!

Hey guys, thank you for speaking with us today! Let’s get to know you a little first. Tell us a little about where you’re from and how each of you first got into music?

We hail from the lovely town of San Pedro, California.  We all got into music in our teens and throughout the years have played in bands in the South Bay. Band leader Johnny Camello grew up with influences in Jazz and blues guitar. Johnny loved Stevie Ray Vaughan (how could you not).  Drummer Jason Faustino drew interest from Blues and rock music. Backing Guitarist/Vocalist Ryan Viducic was influenced by Ritchie Blackmore of Deep Purple along with classic rock. Rob Sepulveda was influenced by different styles of music, especially  punk and rockabilly.

So how did you guys meet and decide to form a band?

Johnny Camello formed Purple Sugar in 2013. Johnny’s mentor and close friend/co-songwriter, Matt Archuleta was an influence in getting Purple Sugar started. Johnny along with drummer Jason Faustino were steady members of the group and performed throughout the South Bay area. After the CD was released in 2014. Johnny decided to bring in on board close friends Rob Sepulveda and Ryan Viducic to make the band more cohesive and strengthen its chemistry. 

How did you guys come up with your name?

The name is an inside joke between Johnny and Matt Archuleta. You have to use your imagination… 

Purple Sugar MusicYou guys have a bit of a classic rock feel to you and actually have a little bit of funk thrown in there too. Was there a certain sound the band was going for when you first got together or did you just let it flow naturally?

Johnny and Matt have been jamming together for years. They both had ideas for original songs and began to get serious about it. We always would jam with funk/jazz/groovy type riffs. And those elements are what you are hearing in this song; a heavy guitar sound and vocals with attitude.

Matt came up with the riff on “Wicked Little Ways” and we both put our flavor on it. It was very natural and a song that we are both proud of. 

The band is based in a prime location for upcoming artists, Los Angeles. There are a ton of great venues to play at, but there are also a bunch of different artists to compete against. Have you guys made a lot of connections with other upcoming artists or do you try to just focus on your own music and band?

We have made a few  connections in the L.A. scene. The band is starting to get contacted by promoters/producers for various gigs in Hollywood.  In fact, we’ll be at the House of Blues on Saturday May 10! (Had to throw in that advertisement) CyberFMradio.com has been incredibly supportive and helpful to us as well as our friends and families. They’ve been putting the word out for us as well.

Currently, our focus is to perform the original songs the way that we wrote them, raw and emotional. Johnny has a lot of on stage energy and likes to involve the audience at all shows. We believe that we can stand out from other acts with our sound and performance. 

Purple Sugar actually just released a new self-titled album. How long was this album in the making for? Were there any difficulties during the process of making the album?

The album took about 7 months to get off the ground, from writing the songs to getting into the studio and recording them. There were a few difficulties in the recording stage that Johnny and Matt had to deal with, mainly scheduling and mixing. It all got done though and the goal was to get it on iTunes.

Purple Sugar Music

Tell us about the featured track, “Wicked Little Ways”. How was it written? Is the song based on any real-life experience?

“Wicked Little Ways” lyrics was heavily influenced by Matt Archuleta. It was something that he was hearing in his head. When he presented it to me I really dug it. We tweaked it here and there and there you have Wicked Little Ways.

The song was based on something that a lot of men face; getting sucked into a girls sexual world. Not being able to walk away even though there’s a price to pay for being with her… 

So now that the album is out what projects do you have lined up? Are you recording anything new right now or lining up any show dates?

We are getting contacted for bookings heavily. Playing live is our passion.  We have the House of Blues Sunset in Hollywood on May 10 and the world famous Rainbow Room in Hollywood on May 29. Matt and Johnny are writing new tunes and hopefully we’ll be able to do our full length album next year. 

Alright, you guys seem like you have a ton of fun during live shows. What’s one of your favorite live show memories during the time you guys have been together?

I have to say a while ago I (Johnny) was playing a club and was using a Shure Wireless for my guitar. I was in between songs and had to go to the restroom oh so bad (number 1). The line for the bathroom (I could see from the stage) was very long. I couldn’t wait.

I went out the back door and found a bush and did my thing. Matt came outside to see what was going on. We then both tried to get back inside the club but the door was locked. We banged on it but no one came to open it!! I hear my band start the next song.

Still wireless, I play along with them from outside and run around to the front with Matt. It was insane, but the crowd thought that it was planned!! Haha it was unbelievable 

Thank you guys! Where can people go to find some more Purple Sugar music?

Thank you Progressive Man Magazine! You can find us at any of these sites!!

iTunes: (search)Purple Sugar or click this link

Website: www.JohnnyCamello.com

Facebook: Purple Sugar

Instagram/Twitter: PurpleSugarband

Author: Nader Ahmadnia

Nader Ahmadnia is a writer for Progressive Man Magazine, an online music publication that features new and emerging talent.

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  1. Great article, Ive heard this band many times and they sound great. A great style of music

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  2. Great article and a very interesting evolution of your band.

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  3. Very interesting article… Well written… And I especially loved the passion I felt through the band’s answers, as well as, their strength and chemistry… I’ll have to check you guys out at the House of Blues :) good luck to you all!

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  4. Purple Sugar
    Go see them live and/or get their CD. These guys WILL go big.

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