Paramore: The Self Titled Tour at Viejas Arena

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Progressive Man writer Priscilla Andrade had the opportunity to see 3 great bands perform at the Viejas Arena in San Diego. She gives Progressive Man readers an idea of what to expect of bands Hellogoodbye, Metric, and headliners Paramore. So should you catch them on tour? You’ll just have to read on to find out.

The line for the pit was long, even after showing up fourĀ  hours early for the show. Luckily, I had taken a friend, but even as the doors opened, it took them a while to file the fans in. Perhaps it had to do with their credit-card entry system that slowed the process down.

Once we managed to get through the gates, we were given blue wrists bands and quickly headed to concessions. (Standing in line will really work up an appetite.) Sandwiches and kettle corn in hand, we made our way to the pit, where we scored the perfect standing position, our eye-line at center stage.

No less than two bites of sandwich had gone by before the lights dimmed and Hellogoodbye took the stage. They greeted us with a new song off their third album, “Everything is Debatable.” (Set to release Oct. 29)

Using only light up boxes and performing mostly new songs, they amped up the crowd with their short set. They threw us an old favorite with “Here in Your Arms” and an old single, “When We First Met.”

Metric performed next.

Lead singer, Emily Haines can normally rock a stage, but after seeing her perform for the fourth time, there was nothing exciting or new about her set. She sang songs mostly off Metric’s 2012 album, “Synthetica,” (their worst album to date, IMO) with some songs off “Fantasies” peppered into the set.

Her dance moves to “Help, I’m Alive” were the exact ones she performed at Coachella, and she once again, ended her show with, “Stadium Love.” I love Metric but their show on this tour was stale.

Paramore Viejas Arena Oct 23 2 copyAnd then, there was Paramore… Dressed in leather leggings, combat boots, and her cropped, signature orange hair, Haley Williams took the stage and blew my mind with her flawless singing, dance moves, and head banging. (Who knew you could do all three at once?)

She was personable with the audience, energetic beyond belief, and just a doll to watch.

There were many surprises during her set including the appearance of a high-school choir, a performance of an unreleased song that also worked as a Fleetwood Mac tribute, and the opportunity for a fan to go on stage and sing “Misery Business” with her.

(Watching security pick up the teenage girl, Remy, over the barricade and toss her over his shoulder was hilarious. Watching her almost cry as she met Haley for the first time was touching. Watching Remy rock the song was priceless.)

Paramore then turned stadium into a dance party during their performances of, “Crushcrushcrush” and “Ain’t It Fun” (Which will be your new jam upon leaving the show, btw).

Everyone in the arena joined in on “Only Exception” and when they band came back on stage for their encore, they played “Still Into You” while yellow and blue balloons fell from the sky and paper butterflies exploded into the air.

It was the perfect ending to an already incredible show.

Were there incredible lights, led screens, and lasers to be seen? Of course! But none of that fancy footwork even compared to watching Haley perform which is why this show is a Must-See for anyone who likes rock music and hot girl singers.

Show Rating: Must-See!!!


Photo Credit: Priscilla Andrade

Author: Priscilla Andrade

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