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Northern California based indie rockers Oh My Heart have spent the past year piecing together the perfect combination of band members and creating a sound that crosses musical genres. The past year’s work comes to a head this August 10th as it marks the release of their debut EP. Oh My Heart drummer Noel Agtane took time from putting the finishing touches on the EP to talk to Progressive Man about the band’s journey over the past year.

Thank you for taking the time to speak with us! Let’s start off by talking a little bit about the band name. You guys used to go by Ask Her To Dance, but then changed the band name to Oh My Heart. What prompted the change?

Well we had initially chosen Ask Her To Dance as one of our top picks for a name when we were starting out, and we ended up playing a show at Cal State University East Bay on really short notice. Ask Her To Dance was the only one we could all, for the most part, agree on, so we went with it.

After that show we didn’t have anything else lined up, no shows or releases , so it wasn’t too important that we decided on a name that we all really liked.

Such was the case until a buddy at Purple Monkey Yoga Studio asked us to play at their monthly art show, Revel. We took the gig  and decided that if we were going to change our name we had to do it before the show, where there would be a much bigger audience and it would be too late to change.

Any particular significance behind the name Oh My Heart?

It was brought up by our singer Jamie during a brainstorming session and we all liked it, sorry, no deep meaning behind this one.

Oh My Heart MusicHow did you guys first get together? I know Derek and Forbes first started the band, were you childhood friends?

Obviously, Drew and Forbes have known each other the longest, seeing as they’re brothers. Kind of ironic that Drew was the final addition to the band.

As far as Derek and Forbes go, I don’t think they met until they were teenagers, it might be Forbes and I that have known each other the longest, we met in middle school and started a “band.” One of those bands you make banners for and come up with a name, but never actually practice or write songs.

Derek and Forbes would play shows together when they were in either of their many previous bands. Derek Forbes and I all worked at the movie theaters together and they were trying to get me to start a band with them but I was duckin’ them for a while.

Derek and Forbes had already been working on songs acoustically together before even having me as a drummer or Jamie as their singer.

I finally turned around and decided to play, and from the first jam the chemistry was undeniable.

What genre of music would you say you are and what made you want to go in that direction?

Definitely indie… but indie – what? Not too sure. Forbes is super punk oriented, Derek likes the trash and experimental stuff, I like chillwave stoner music, and Jamie’s got that very clean classic voice. We all have very different tastes in music, but a mutual understanding of “good” music. We come together and our sound is completely our own.

What projects do you have lined up? Are you recording anything new right now or lining up show dates?

Our next show will is on July 27th at Love at First Slice in Newark, CA. We have also just finished up our self titled debut EP, which we will have a release show/party for on August 10th. Besides that it’s just practice, practice, practice, shows, shows, shows, promote, promote, promote.

How’s the music scene in San Francisco? Are there a lot of opportunities for an alternative band like you?

The scene in San Francisco is amazing, it’s such a diverse place that you’re so lucky to get to hear literally every genre of music played well, it’s truly an honor to be in the midst of such creative, talented people. I do believe there are opportunities for a band like us, there are not too many bands doing what we’re doing.

Like I said earlier, there are bands of every genre, but not too many are genre bending the way we are. All of our playing styles and musical influences are so different that our sound is something fresh for the local scene.

Oh My Heart Jamie

Your singer Jamie was the final addition to the band. Where you specifically looking for a female singer or was it just the strength of her voice that drew you in?

Yeah, we actually put an ad out for a female singer on craigslist! Which in hindsight must have been pretty sketchy looking. The ad title was something like “indie band looking for female singer age 18-25” and all the ad had was a short little blurb and an email address hahahaha.

Surprisingly though, that ad garnered three responses, and Jamie was our first pick. We met a couple times at bars just to get to know each other before trying to make music together, things worked out and now she’s the homie!

Are there any particular themes you try to stick to when writing music and lyrics?

Not. At. All. Well, I can only speak for the music. When writing it usually just starts off as a jam, and if we like something we’ll try to put a structure to it, and fine tune all the parts from there. Jamie listens in and gives input, as she writes the lyrics. It’s a truly collaborative thing.

What’s one of your favorite memories during the time you guys have been together?

It may not be our favorite memory, but it’s definitely the first thing that comes to mind. It was the night before our gig at Revel, and we were all at my house burning demos and, of course, taking shots of Hennessy. Jamie had to leave, but a minute later I got a call from her saying “dude come out, my car got broken into.”

So we rush out and her window is smashed, trunk wide open, yet all that was stolen was a backpack full of clothes. We walk up and down the block to see that other cars had been broken into, and they even attempted to get into Forbes’ sweet ass iroc. Derek wanders around the corner and spots two sketchy looking dudes  scoping out other cars, and for some reason yells really loud to us “Hey guys come over here I see em!”

So we’re heading towards him when one of the dudes says “Whats good bitch nigga?!” and reaches for something in his underwear, something we assumed to be a gun. We all said fuck that, went back into the house, and called the police. Within 3 minutes I swear the entire police department was swarming my neighborhood.

They were never caught, but one of the officers did hit on Jamie and even asked for a signed demo. Hahaha.

Where can people go to find your music?

For anyone interested in finding more music, they can head to www.OMHband.com, where they can find links to our videos, music, and social media accounts. Cheers!

Author: Nader Ahmadnia

Nader Ahmadnia is a writer for Progressive Man Magazine, an online music publication that features new and emerging talent.

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