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We’re just going to go out on a limb and say you’re probably going to like this band, especially if your teen years fell somewhere in the early to mid 00’s. If you love Angels & Airwaves or Blink-182, chances are you’ll also love Medium Size Kids. Progressive Man had the great fortune of talking to the guys (and girl) and their plan to take over the West Coast and spread their music. Read on to learn more about the band and don’t forget to check out their hilarious music video!

Hey guys, thanks for taking the time to speak with us! First and foremost, could you introduce yourselves and tell us how you each first got into music?

Shane: I’m Shane Moffett, I play drums and sing back ups. I picked up a pair of sticks in fourth grade, and just started making a bunch of noise. I like making noise. I like making a lot of noise. But, I digress. I’ve been playing drums, and learning other instruments through my years in Middle School band, High School band, and drum line.

John: I’m John Doyle, I got into music via my older sister and all her favorite bands. So that was like boy band pop music, etc. Then she started listening to Pop Punk music which was what really got me into music.

Joseph: My name is Joseph Kashas. I’ve been playing bass for about 5 years now.  I first got introduced to music through my dad who has played guitar in a number of bands. I’ve been going to his shows for as long as I can remember.  I joined my first band as the bass player even though I had never even picked one up, luckily my dad happened to have a bass in our garage and that’s how it all started for me.

Kaylee: My name is Kaylee Hillman and I play keyboard and sing. I first got into music when I was in elementary school. I took piano lessons when I was young, and from then on always had a love for singing and music in general.

So how did you guys first decide to combine forces and start Medium Size Kids?

Shane: John, Joe, and myself were all in a band together in High School called “Julia’s Misfortune”, which was a total blast! After Senior year ended, everybody kind of went their separate ways. John texted me about a month after our last show asking me if I wanted to get together and jam. The three of us got together and built a base for Medium Size Kids. About 4 months ago we were trying to fill in our sound more and decided to add a fourth member. John said that he knew Kaylee, so we tried her out and were really impressed by her! She’s been a perfect fit ever since.

John: We all played in a different band previously and got sick of dealing with flake-y people so we formed this band. Plus Me, Joseph, And Shane got along really well.

Joseph: John, Shane, and I were in a band all throughout high school together, after high school the band didn’t quite work out so we decided to do it ourselves and MSK was born.

Kaylee: I didn’t start the band with the guys; I was a fan before I was a member. I left for college at a university and decided to come home. When the guys heard I was coming back they offered me a spot in the band.

Medium Size Kids SongsAlright, you’re going to have to tell us a little more about the band name. How did you guys first come up with your name and were there any other potential names in the running?

Shane: The name is the brainchild of John and Joe, so you’ll have to talk to them about it! As far as the other names that were in the running, there really weren’t any serious candidates… I could rattle off 5 or 6 joke names that we thought up, but quite frankly they’re not very PG!

John: The name Medium Size Kids was thought of at a 4th of july party. There were a bunch of small kids, medium size kids and large size kids running around being idiots. John and Joseph both liked the name Medium Size Kids, so they proposed it to Shane and they all agreed it was cool.

Joseph: John and I were at a 4th of July gathering and there were a bunch of kids running around.  We noted that there were small kids, large kids, and Medium Size Kids. So the name stuck.  We didn’t necessarily have any band names in the running but we forgot about MSK until about 3-4 months later when John was going through the notes on his phone and there it was!

We’re sure you’ve gotten this a hundred times, so don’t hate us for it, but you guys have a serious Blink-182 vibe. Is Blink-182 one of your primary influences? When you first set out, were they one of the bands you tried to emulate?

Shane: I knew this was coming! We get that all of the time! At first I would get all defensive and deny it, but at this point I’ve just embraced it. John and Joe are huge Blink guys, whereas I grew up more on Green Day. I pretty much attribute a good half of my drumming influence to Mr. Tre Cool. The guy is nuts.

John: We don’t hate people that say we sound like Blink 182. They are one of my biggest idols. However, as a musician I don’t try to emulate anyone, our songs probably sound like Blink 182 because when a musician listens to a band that they love, they tend to write songs like that. Our new material that we’ve been working on sounds less like Blink 182 i’d say. But yes.. We do get a lot of shit for sounding like Blink. Who cares though. It’s better than getting shit for sounding like a terrible band.

Joseph: Personally Blink is one of my favorite bands which is why it’s so easy to see the influences in my own song writing.  I wouldn’t say we ever tried to emulate them, we’ve always tried to write songs in a way that just came naturally to us and the end result resembled Blink.

You guys are definitely a talented group, having already scored radio time after only a year together. What was it like when you first heard yourselves on the radio? Did you know you’d be on or did it take you by surprise?

Shane: Well, thanks! I remember somebody telling me that we were going to be on 94.7 that day at 2 o clock, so I hopped in my car and took a ride. I turned the radio on right as the song started, so it didn’t fully click in my that it was the radio and not a CD. The song faded out, and I heard the DJ say “That was Medium Size Kids with ‘Forgetting Goodbye'”. I took a double take. It was a totally surreal moment.

John: Being on the radio was cool, and I’m thankful for it. But I’m always looking to move forward. So after I heard it I was like “cool, now we gotta do something cooler than this.”

Joseph: Thank you! The first time I heard us on the radio was extremely surreal.  I couldn’t believe that it actually happened and it meant a lot to know that what we were writing was worthy of radio play.  We knew we’d by on because we were contacted by 94.7KNRK who let us know they’d be playing us on their homegrown slot in their lineup.

Kaylee: I wasn’t a part of the band yet, but I definitely got in my car to hear them!

Medium Size Kids Picture

The song of yours that we’re featuring today is “Forgetting Goodbye”, which also happens to have a hilarious music video. The video looks like it was a ton of fun to shoot. Was it really as fun as it looks or was it a surprising amount of work?

Shane: I’m so glad you mentioned this… For a good week and a half we tried racking our brains for a creative idea, but we were just really brain dead. On the day of the video shoot we all sort of stood around and said “well how about we just walk around and goof off?”. Nostalgia city.

John: Thanks for watching by the way. That video was a ton of fun to make. We just screwed around for like 4 hours. Our video guy took care of the hard work.  The video for our song Wake Up took way longer and much more hard work. It has a plot and characters and everything.

Joseph: It was so much fun to shoot.  I think we knocked it out in about 2 hours and had the video by that night which is why I love it so much.  We were literally just being who we were and having fun with it.

Ok, now let’s get on to the song itself. How did this particular song come about? Sometimes bands are able to work a song out in an hour and other times it’ll be something they have to revisit months later. Was this an easy one to put together?

Shane: This song blossomed from the beautiful mind of Joseph Kashas. I just ugly it up with a pulsing kick pattern and a kind of dance-y high hat beat. Very seldom does one person in the band do ALL of the song writing, but in this case Joe basically presented the entire thing to us.

John: That song was written by our bassist Joseph. He brought the song to us already written and ready to go. It came together very quickly. Recording it took forever though. Because I knew it was our best song. So it had to be perfect. So we worked on recording it for months.

Joseph: I wrote this song. The music piece took me probably 15 minutes and I went through a couple sets of lyrics before finally settling on what ultimately became Forgetting Goodbye.  I brought the song to band practice the next day and it just flowed so well from the get-go that I knew it was gonna be a great song.

Medium Size Kids MusicLast year you released your first EP. What projects do you have lined up for 2014? Are you planning on releasing a new EP? Maybe a full length album?

Shane: As of right now, we’re working on our second EP, scheduling our West Coast tour, scripting out a new music video, booking local shows, and attempting to get signed. 2014 is shaping up to be a very busy year!

John: Medium Size Kids plan to release a new EP this summer hopefully. The new EP’s songs will be crazy and like nothing we’ve ever done before. On this new EP we’re making songs that we think sound cool. We aren’t second guessing ourselves at all. On this EP we’re making songs that sound like your moms high school dance mixed with pop/punk mixed with fun and summer and ice cream.

Joseph: in 2014 we plan to release our 2nd EP which in my opinion will be better than the first because we’ve all grown together as song writers and with the addition of our keyboard player Kaylee we’ve been able to build more upon ideas that we have.  We’re also going to be going on our first tour of the West Coast this summer starting in Portland, OR and playing the last show down in L.A..

Kaylee: We are working on our EP right now. We have some great music coming out in 2014! Our tour is also getting very close, it starts on June 14th this summer.

You guys have played a number of shows since you first formed. Is there one show in particular that stands out for being either crazy or just a really fun show?

Shane: Oh man, there are so many funny things that happen before, during, and after the shows. This one time I ate a scorpion like an hour before we went on. I don’t really know why, it just sort of happened. Whenever we play, we go all out. I throw out my neck and back sometimes, and I’m not even joking! People really enjoy our shows because we have so much energy on stage, and it’s incredible when that energy is reflected back at us.

John: My personal favorite show was this house party we played. The crowd participated so perfectly. if i yelled “Jump” they jumped. Everyone there was such a genuine person and it was great

Joseph: Our first show as Medium Size Kids will always be one of my fondest memories.  There were a lot of our closest friends there to share the experience with us.  Not to mention the show itself was extremely fun.

Kaylee: As a new member my favorite show has to have been the house show we played. I liked how personal it was, everyone was into the music and that made it really fun!

Thanks guys, it was great talking to you! Where can people go to find more of your music?

Shane: Our Facebook page ( is probably the best way to see new content. That being said we’re on iTunes, Amazon, Twitter, Pandora, Spotify, pretty much all over the place. Thanks again for talking to us! You guys are rad!

John: Just go to YouTube and type in Medium Size Kids and you’ll find everything! Check out our 2 music videos and get ready for new music videos and music.

Joseph: Thank you so much for the opportunity to interview! We can be found on YouTube, Facebook, itunes, SoundCloud, Twitter and many other places! Just type in Medium Size Kids in the search bar!

Kaylee: For updates follow us on Twitter/Instagram  @mediumsizekids, you can also find us on Facebook, iTunes, and YouTube.

Author: Nader Ahmadnia

Nader Ahmadnia is a writer for Progressive Man Magazine, an online music publication that features new and emerging talent.

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