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With over 12,000 subscribers and 2,000,000 video views, Jessica Allossery is a hot prospect in the music world, if her YouTube channel is any indication. Alongside covers of classic and current hits, Jessica has a number of rousing original compositions that any fan of Feist would love. Her folk acoustic style pairs perfectly with the relaxing tone of her voice. Jessica takes the time to speak with Progressive Man about her YouTube channel, original music, and her international explorations.

Hi Jessica, thank you for taking the time to speak with us today! Help our readers learn a little bit more about you. Where are you based out of and how did you first get into music?

I was born and raised on a farm outside of Chatham-Kent in Ontario. I studied in London Ontario, and still currently spend most of my time between here and Toronto.

I got into music while I started my first weeks of college, 4 years ago… I enrolled about 2 weeks late, and found that most of my classmates had already made clicks and friendships, so I had decided to take on the guitar. I would come home after class every day and be so excited to learn some new notes. I would play for hours – I felt like my fingers were bleeding because I played so much!  But all my determination really paid off.

You’ve developed a strong following on both Facebook and YouTube, how did you go about getting people to listen to your music and discover what you have to offer?

I started posting videos right away on YouTube, only one month into learning the guitar.  Although my first video was much less advanced than my latest videos, with each new upload my guitar and vocal skills got better. I started gaining a following and adding some creativity into my videos with harmonies and drawings.  The more subscribers and fans I get, the farther my music goes. Social Media is a lovely tool for indie artists!

Speaking of YouTube, you’ve had over 2,000,000 views and have plenty of videos up of both original songs and covers. Which one do you prefer recording videos of? Covers or originals?

I really love experimenting with both Originals and Covers… I like to record my own songs because it lets me envision and create a milder version of how I would like my songs to sound on a record.  While recording covers allows me to let go of my bond to the actual song and make it my own. Both are special to me and I suppose it depends on the mood I’m in. :)

How do you decide which songs to cover? Is it all fan input or are they your own choices, or are they a combination of both?

Over the last 4 years I have conjured up a list of songs that I would like to cover, and it keeps growing. Some I have already posted, some I haven’t tackled yet… I also take into consideration what my family and friends suggest, and of course what my fans have suggested. I appreciate everybody’s input, and again, it usually just comes down to the mood I am in at the moment I sit down to record something.

You have incredible original songs as well, which have a strong indie/folk feel to them. What made you first go in that direction? Are you strongly influenced by singer-songwriter musicians?

I have always loved the sound of a banjo…and an acoustic guitar….and pianos with a whole mash of instruments, on top of vocal harmonies.  Indie music brings so much emotion out of people, and I feel like it really sets me free. I have always wanted to re-create this feeling in myself, and for my fans, just like my favorite singer-songwriters would do for me. Jack Johnson and Ben Harper were early favorites of mine, and then I gravitated towards Feist and Coldplay. Today, I still listen to all of these amazing artists, along with Ed Sheeran, Mumford & Sons, and especially Bon Iver.

What are your plans for 2013? Are you recording any new music or lining up show dates?

For 2013, I would really like to get up off the ground and do a tour somewhere. My biggest fan base right now is in Brazil, so I feel like to owe it to them to have a tour there first… I am still working out a lot of ideas, but I really hope to get something going soon!

Jessica Allossery MusicSpeaking of 2013 plans, you went to Africa back in January. Tell us a little more about that trip. What was it like?

I visited South Africa earlier this year; this has been my third visit to Africa. I am a constant traveller… I love to broaden my experiences and test my limits. I draw inspiration from the places I visit, and the people I meet.  I guess I could say I went on ‘business’ if I want to validate my reason!

Do you have any other international excursions planned for the near future?

I’d love to backpack around Asia one day…. Spend some time in Thailand and Vietnam- I’ve heard wonderful things!  And of course, I want to go on several music tours around the world… Singing for all these different cultures and countries. That is my biggest goal to reach in the next couple of years: To at least have one world tour under my belt. I have dreamt about it since I began guitar and will always be working to achieve this goal!

Of all the shows you’ve ever played, are there any that stand out in your mind as being particularly amazing or fun?

Actually, my last show that I played in South Africa was an incredible experience. I opened for a South African guitar duo at a beautiful Bed and Breakfast in Kloof, outside of Durban. The setting was magical. …I played on a stage under the stars, with a campfire in the background, and hippy bean bag chairs for the audience to sit on…There were cozy blankets provided and plenty of bottles of wine to go around. That was most definitely my favorite show yet.

Where can people go to find your music?

People can find my music on youtube, facebook, soundcloud and itunes.


Author: Nader Ahmadnia

Nader Ahmadnia is a writer for Progressive Man Magazine, an online music publication that features new and emerging talent.

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