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In a music industry increasingly flooded with electronic music acts, it’s nice to occasionally acknowledge those individuals honing a classic sound. The Cold Sun has developed their own funk sound that they’ve begun to spread throughout the East Coast. Progressive Man is happy to have had a chance to speak with the 3 members of The Cold Sun to find out more about the influences and plans of these immensely talented musicians.

Hey guys, thanks for taking the time to speak with us today! Before we get into the band and the soulful music you’re creating now, it’d be great if you could each share how you first got into music.

Michael McCall – My  mother would always listen to gospel, jazz and R&B when I was a little boy.  When I was 13 the band in my neighborhood needed a bass player, so I bought a bass at the hardware store and the rest was history.

Saint (Ainsley Delissaint) – At an early age my father would play on his  8 track listening to Al Green and Chicago.  I always new I had a gift for writing and singing, it was just a matter of time before things started to fall in place as I took up the French horn an trumpet and latter sang in the chorus.

The Cold Sun MusicSo how did The Cold Sun ultimately come together? Have you known each other for a while?

After returning to The DC area after a number of years working as a guitarist and songwriter in Los Angeles Razz got on an every Tuesday night where Michael Potts was the bassist. This was where the two met and found that they really liked playing together and really felt as if we’d known each other for a long time. He is very articulate and he hears everything and we played just about everything. Some time after that Michael called me and asked me to come down town to meet a singer that he thought had a good sound and who was putting a band together. When the three met they actually wrote the song, “Dearest Mother”.  The vibe worked.

Does the band name, The Cold Sun, hold any particular significance to the band? Also, were there any other band names in the running? Anything else you almost decided to go by?

Nothing was particularly memorable when coming up with a name, honestly when Mike threw out “The Cold Sun” the edginess provided by the name symbolized the willingness to do music our way and set the tone to represent DC hopefully for the world to see in a different light other than politics. Somewhat of a yin yang thing in having a sun that’s cold as well.

You can hear various elements of R&B, Jazz, Funk, Soul, and Rock in your sound. Do you guys try to stick closely to a particular genre or do you prefer to just let it flow naturally and let your musical product be the combination of your various influences and styling?

We all have played all types of music on the stage as well as personally,  so with that mentality we approach music with an openness to do one thing, to make it quality and lasting.  In the song writing process we all have elements that we bring in. We all have things and pieces we put into each mix that becomes a song.

The Cold Sun Music

How’s the Washington D.C. music scene? Are there a lot of show opportunities or do you find yourself having to venture out of the city? Also, any plans on coming to the West Coast for some shows? We’re sure L.A. would love to have you!

Mike and Saint – Believe it or not, Washington, DC has a HUGE music scene it’s just tightly guarded by  the musicians.  It’s who you know, but even more importantly- who you know with enough influence to put the right word in for you.   If you have a lasting sound then expect to be asked to play.

Razz – Washington is a fun town and of course fun for me to be each in town these last couple of years after being away in Los Angeles for so many years. We have played some fun shows in DC but yes we have plans to travel and play our music and I’m sure we would all like to play some shows in LA and other parts West.

Mike and Saint – Yes we plan on coming to the West Coast.  As a matter of fact we won a local showcase that will have us heading out west later this year to compete against the best of the best.  As soon as we can put a tour together we will definitely love to play on the west coast.

With that said, let’s take a moment to talk about your featured single, “Dearest Mother.” You currently have 2 songs up on iTunes, this song being one of them. What is it about the track that made you decide to push it as one of your first singles? Can you tell us about what into making the song and how it came about? Saint, did you write the lyrics yourself or was it a group effort? Can you share what the lyrics mean to you?

Dearest Mother was how we put our vibe together for the first time, around the same time the Connecticut school children were slain in 2012.  It was a powerful message that made sense to us.  The song has a very powerful message that people really seem to tap into.  The song tells the the stories of mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers. We all share pain and will “stand amongst the fallen” at some point, so out human nature will need to shine. 

The Cold Sun MusicNow that you have “Dearest Mother” and “Sexual Storm” up on iTunes, do you have plans to put up any additional tracks? What can fans expect from you in 2014?

We have a third song that was released called “Kinna’ Tricky”, a really fun down home dance tune with an old school flair.  Our full EP will be released this summer- stay on the lookout!

Most bands can say that they’ve played some shows that are great, some that didn’t go very well, and some that were just particularly memorable for whatever reason. Does The Cold Sun have a particular show that sticks out as being particularly memorable or fun?

One of the things we can say with certainty is that The Cold Sun always delivers  a great show.  People seem to tap into the vibe very quickly .  We’re still waiting for that bad show!  The last show we played at Madams Organ with drummer Jay Dennis really balanced out well, he get’s our  music and we think we have something special.

Thank you guys! It was a pleasure speaking with you! Where can readers go to find your music?

They can find us at or on iTunes. 

Author: Nader Ahmadnia

Nader Ahmadnia is a writer for Progressive Man Magazine, an online music publication that features new and emerging talent.

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