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Progressive Man gets a chance to catch up with alt-rockers Back Pocket Memory and learn more about what they have in the works. The guys reminisce about their time spent playing in Germany, what it was like to create a music video, and their plans for 2013. If you like what you hear, don’t hesitate to catch the guys live on Feb. 22nd at the Viper Room or on Feb. 23rd at OC Tavern!

Hey guys, thanks for taking the time to speak with us! Who came up with the band name?
BPM- Our singer, Chris did. The band name was actually a lyric in a song of the same name, and after we had been jamming and playing together long enough, we decided to use it as the band name and re-name the song.

You guys seem to have a distinct alternative rock sound. What made you want to go in that direction?
BPM- There isn’t exactly one thing, but that sound is definitely present in what we grew up loving, and still listen to actively. Though we all have a multitude of varying influences and musical loves, rock music is what it comes back to, and there’s always an element of that.

What projects do you have lined up? Are you recording anything new right now or lining up show dates?
BPM- We just recorded a single with Producer Erik Ron. He’s a great friend of ours, and has an incredibly talented ear. The new song is different for us, much more groove and prog elements. On the tail of this, we’re going to be writing new material over the next few months. We’ll have shows sprinkled in (2/22 at the Viper Room, and 2/23 at the OC Tavern), but are mainly going to focus on writing songs for first part of the year.

What would you say is the band’s favorite track to play and listen to? Why?
BPM- I can’t speak for the whole band, but I really love playing the new (as of now unreleased) song. It’s got so many different elements, all tied to together. The groove is killer, and it showcases everyone’s musicianship without being too noodle-y or shred-y. As far as to listen to, if you’re talking about our music, then ‘Catapult’ from our last EP (Self Titled, came out fall 2012). It’s really driving, we were all incredibly happy with how the production turned out.

You guys have been playing for 6 years which means a lot of time spent together. Do you guys ever have any creative differences? How do you work through them?
BPM- We do and we don’t. Like I stated before, we all have varying influences, but we all genuinely love each other’s abilities, and respect each other’s opinions. This is a family, and like any family we are experts at pressing each other’s buttons. However, we’re always open to someone’s idea, and always give it a try. There are no egos in our band, and when creating we aim for true collaboration.

What’s the song making process like for you guys? Do you guys each come in with individual ideas or do you jam until you hit on something you like?
BPM- Actually, we do both. Our process is pretty open minded, so if someone comesin with a constructed or focused idea, we jump on it. However, a good portion ofour songs begin in all out jams — some times we end up mining throughhundreds of minutes of long ambient and rocking jams. It’s really liberating to beable to write in that fashion, there are no limits.

What’s one of your favorite memories during the time you guys have been together?
BPM- That is quite a loaded question. I’d say one of my favorite memories is when we went to Germany. We participated in a competition, and we were the Western USA band that won. We got to play the Taubertal Festival in Rothenberg, Germany. It was amazing, and we made so many friends from all over the world. Too many memories, lots of new music, and a good healthy amount of beer. It was truly rewarding and humbling to be walking on cobblestones through a medieval city at night, with the sky full of stars — all because of music. It’s something we will never forget.

What was it like shooting the music video for Catapault? What was it like deciding on which song to make a video for?
BPM- That was a blast. We had an amazing time, and a bunch of our great, loyal fans and friends stuck through with us, while we played take after take after take of the song, and they never lost energy throughout. Not to mention, it was filmed by our great friends in 18mm Productions, at one of our favorite venues (Amplyfi). Great people on a great night.

Where can people go to find your music?
BPM-You can check us out at:
instagram: @backpocketmemory
Not to mention on Spotify and iTunes!!

Author: Nader Ahmadnia

Nader Ahmadnia is a writer for Progressive Man Magazine, an online music publication that features new and emerging talent.

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