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Getting your music recognized on a national level is incredibly tough, as most musicians can attest to. However, if you’re going to do it, why not have one of your songs featured in a popular, nationally broadcast soap opera? That’s exactly what musician Al-x has done, having just had one of her songs featured on The Young & The Restless. The talented and beautiful songstress takes the time to chat with Progressive Man about how the TV opportunity came about, how she feels about it, and her secret plans for 2014.

Hi Al-x! First things first, congratulations on having your music featured in an episode of The Young & The Restless! How did you first hear about the interest in using your music?

Hi! Thank you for taking the time to check out my music and interview me. I’m signed with a boutique music licensing company called Imaginary Friends Music Partners, and it was through them that the people at The Young & The Restless heard my music. I’m very excited to have my song ‘Fantasy’ on their show! 

Al-x Music ImageWas this your first time having a song featured in either film or television? What was it like hearing your music being played on such a popular show? 

I’ve had my music in some independent films, but this was the first for national TV. To be honest, I was very nervous that day. It was so surreal to hear my music coming out of the TV. But also very gratifying.

Alright, now that we’ve been able to properly congratulate you on your feature, tell us how it all started. What was it that first pulled you into music? 

I’ve always been in love with performing, since I was 4 or 5. Over the years it has been dance, acting and music. But once I truly fell in love with music, everything else fell to the side.

I love that it’s a pure form of expression and that music is this universal language that can cut across age, time, and culture. Music can temporarily take you out of whatever situation you’re in, or cement a certain memory in your mind. To me, it is magic. And I feel honored to be able to create it.

Growing up, what were some of the bands and artists you listened to and how did that influence the musical direction you decided to go in?

I listened to a lot of different things. My main influence growing up, I have to say, was Madonna. She has done a great deal to inspire me in many ways. Also loved Sheryl Crow, Paramore, Fiona Apple, Coldplay, U2, Goldfrapp, Kylie Minogue, Garbage, Dragonette, Jewel, The Beatles, etc.

The music in the span of the “pop” genre always connected with me. I love the fun of it, the energy, how it can make you feel happy and free. Then the singer-songwriter type music illuminated other ways to create expression, often on a more intimate level. 

You’ve written both ballads and dance songs. Do you enjoy writing and singing one more than the other? Is the lyric writing process fairly similar for ballads and upbeat tracks? 

I love doing both. I get to tap into different parts of myself. The process can be similar, but with the ballads, I tend to start out on the guitar, whereas the upbeat tracks I often find a beat or hook and build off of that.

The thing I love the most is when it all flows out of me effortlessly and I find myself with a fully-formed song after only 15 minutes or so! But more often, it takes more time that than and I use different tactics to write. 

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The song of yours we’re featuring today is “Dawning of the Day.” Tell us about what went into creating the track. Did you collaborate with anyone or was it entirely up to you?

That track was created entirely by me. It was one of those ones that just flowed out. I had a moment of great inspiration that just pulled at my heartstrings and the song emerged.

I chose to record it pretty simply because I wanted to highlight the lyrics and sweet melody. I think it’s a love song a lot of people can relate to – and tend to feel happy when they do. 

You’ve already started 2014 off with a bang, having been featured on The Young & The Restless, what else do you have lined up for the year? Are you recording anything new right now or lining up show dates?

2014 has been great so far! I hope it has been for you too!

The day after the placement on The Young & The Restless I had 4 of my songs featured on a podcast, then of course I have your online magazine. I am currently writing and doing some recording. Also, I have some collaborations in the works.

I’m excited because I plan to tour later in the year! I probably will utilize crowd-funding to create something cool and get myself to places where my fans can see me, including doing house-concerts. I know I have fans who would like to see some music videos from me, so I’m going to try to do one or two of those, maybe to coincide with singles…I have a lot up my sleeve.

Don’t want to give it all away ;) 

You’ve been making music for a while now. Surely you’ve had a number of memorable experiences over the years. What’s one of your favorite musical moments that you can tell us about?

I guess I’ll go with this one. I was promoting a show I was doing at a Hollywood venue. Pushing it pretty hard. Finally, on the day of the show, I had good number of people show up – BUT the venue owner didn’t realize my show was that day. So it was closed!.. I had this great audience, including some people I was very excited to have there, and nowhere to perform.

I talked the venue into opening the room for me. And because nothing was set up, I ended up doing a set without a microphone or any amplification. I walked around the space projecting as best I could and interacting with people. Everyone wound up having a great time! People adapted to the situation and took it in as a unique experience. And it was. 

Aside from singing, dancing, playing guitar and making music (you’re pretty much the whole package), do you have any hobbies or hidden skills you’re not afraid to share with us?

Thank you for the compliment. Let’s see… Well I’m a huge fan of LOST. Could probably recite certain episodes. Hmm, I can wiggle my ears. And I can do the splits. If that’s considered a skill. (laughs)

Thank you for chatting with us and congratulations once more! Let our readers know where they can  go to find your music.

Thanks again for interviewing me! It has been a pleasure. And I wish you lots of luck with the growth of your online magazine!

My official website is – that’s where people can find my music, updates, photos, vids and also subscribe to my Al-x Members Club, which has news and exclusives and will have more contests and other fun things this year!

Also, would love to chat with everyone! On Twitter Follow me at @alexmusictweets. Facebook fan page Instagram @alexmusicsite. You can get cool Al-x merch & request custom items at And of course, please support my music!




Happy 2014 to everyone!

Author: Nader Ahmadnia

Nader Ahmadnia is a writer for Progressive Man Magazine, an online music publication that features new and emerging talent.

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