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2014 Golden Raspberry Award Nominees

Every year the top movies are paraded through a series of award shows,...

2014 Oscar Nominees

The 2014 Oscar Nominations have been announced! While there are a number of...

PM Movie Reviews: The Hangover III

The Wolfpack returns for some reason. We’re not quite sure why.

Predator Vision: Assassin’s Creed III

Progressive Man flips it’s Predator Vision on and targets what Assassin’s Creed III has to offer for the gamer on the hunt for A.I. blood.

Eulogy for the Beloved Video Game Manual

It was a long time coming and you saw the signs but didn’t want to admit it. The video game manual as we know it is dead. We saved you a seat at the wake.

Essentials of a Console Battlestation

Progressive Man kicks you off the couch…and onto a computer chair as we take you through the steps of getting a dedicated console gaming space set up.

Album Reviews: Lael Summer – “Burden To Bear”

Progressive Man takes a look at rising soul songstress Lael Summer and her debut album, Burden To Bear.

The 10 Top Covers of the #1 Hits of 1981

Alright, this list has been a long time coming. So why exactly do you care about 1981? Well, there are a number of reasons. Indiana Jones fans will remember that “Raiders of the Lost Ark” came out in 1981. It was also the year MTV debuted on cable television, still going strong all these years later. Lastly, it was the year that pop icon and former ‘N Sync member Justin Timberlake was born.

Monday Cover-Up: Week 20 feat. twenty one pilots

If there’s a cover that we really wouldn’t have expected to happen, this would be high on the list of contenders. That said, we’re extremely happy it happened and think it turned out wonderfully.